Aerosol Generators

With our wide range of aerosol generators we can offer a solution for almost every fire protection problem. Our products have been implemented and used for a variety of applications. From protecting buses, trains and boats to warehouses, factories and wind turbines.

We offer various aerosol fire suppression systems. Our RSL Fire aerosol generators, also known as ‘Condensed Aerosol Generators’, are ideal for closed rooms because the aerosol gas can suppress the re-ignition of any fire by several hours.

Our aerosol fire suppression systems can be set up as a new system, as a replacement for your current system or as an extension of an existing fire protection system.

Aerosol generators

No pressure tanks, no piping required and long service life

These fully automatic and independently functioning fire extinguishers were originally developed for use in the aerospace and defense industries. As a high-end fire extinguisher, the extinguishing agent is based on a solid chemical compound that remains completely stable until activated. The extinguishing units can be activated manually or automatically by electrics with 6-30V voltage, but also by an activation cable. With the activation cable, no external energy source is required.

Our condensed aerosol generators have an extinguishing capacity of 0.2 to 79 m3 per unit. Our smallest units are ideal for closed and narrow spaces such as the engine compartment of a classic car or a control cabinet. Our larger units offer fire protection in larger (partially open) rooms. The combination of several units in a centrally controlled fire protection system offers endless possibilities.

The aerosol produced when extinguishing behaves like gas and extinguishes the fire both chemically and physically. The conversion of potassium bicarbonate to potassium carbonate chemically removes oxidants from the burning process. Without oxidation, there can be no fire. Since this chemical reaction is a so-called “endothermic” reaction, additional heat is extracted from the system.

Aerosol generators offer the most effective fire extinguishing method!

Our aerosol fire extinguishers are recognized by Europe’s number one for fire protection.

Aerosol as fire extinguishing agent

Fast, safe, environmentally friendly and reliable

An aerosol is a mixture of a gas and solid and/or liquid suspended particles. The combustion of the solid fuel contained in the aerosol generators produces an aerosol of liquid and gaseous particles consisting of potassium carbonates with a particle size of approx. 1 μm.

The main extinguishing agent of the aerosol is potassium hydrogen carbonate, which decomposes very quickly from a temperature of approx. 50 °C, splitting off water and carbon dioxide. This produces potassium carbonate. From a physiological point of view, potassium carbonate is considered harmless, it is also present in foodstuffs as an additive E501.

One extinguishing process Double extinguishing power for your safety

By converting the potassium hydrogen carbonate to potassium carbonate, oxidant is chemically removed from the burning process. Without oxidation no fire can take place.

The oxygen content of the ambient air is not reduced. Since this chemical process is a so-called endothermic reaction, additional heat is extracted from the combustion process. The fire is thus extinguished in two ways and the risk of reignition is considerably reduced.

Fire Protection Concepts

Strategies for optimal fire protection


1. Outbreak of fire in a control or server cabinet.

2. The direct local extinguishing system is activated and extinguishes the fire.

3. Minimal damage and short downtime.

The direct extinguishing system offers the possibility of fighting fires that occur. The uniquely quick extinguishing success is achieved by the fact that the very compact extinguishing devices can be used directly in the objects to be protected and by the extremely fast response time of our fire extinguishers, usually less than 10 seconds. This offers, for example, optimal protection for highly sensitive servers or other electrical devices. This effectively prevents major property damage and the associated downtimes.


1. Outbreak of fire in a control or server cabinet.

2. Fire detectors are activated and the alarm is reported to the control unit.

3. The extinguishing system is activated and the fire is extinguished.

The standard system consists of an automatic fire alarm system including an extinguishing control center with emergency power supply and one or more extinguishing units. If necessary, the system can be expanded with manual activation, audiovisual alarm devices and fire detection to the fire alarm center, fire brigade or similar. Basically, all fire protection systems can be integrated into our systems.

The advantages of aerosol extinguishing systems

Our aerosol fire protection systems offer many advantages. Our innovative systems can be used for many different applications. The systems are inexpensive, require little maintenance, and protect against a variety of fires, including re-ignition.

Learn more about the advantages of aerosol over CO2 extinguishing systems.

  • The most effective fire protection systems

  • No oxygen displacement

  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for fire classes A, B, C & F.

  • Low cost

  • Space-saving installation

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Sustainable technology – up to 20 years lifetime

  • Professional installation and service team

  • Suitable for protecting lithium-ion batteries

  • VdS certified