Bespoke Fire Protection Solutions

Our wide range offers the perfect solution for every application, from a compact extinguisher of only approx. 20g with a potential of 200l to a large device that alone can protect rooms with a volume of up to approx. 80 m3.

All generators can of course be combined into systems with several devices to protect objects of any size. When it comes to system planning, we rely on tried-and-tested system fire protection products.

Special solutions are of course also possible.

Our extinguishing control panels can be connected to existing fire control panels or integrated into larger protection concepts. In contrast to gas systems, aerosol technology places only minimal demands on the objects to be protected, they do not have to be gas-tight, there is no need to create separate storage rooms or to lay pipes with great effort. Aerosol generators are extremely easy to install and only need to be wired. This helps to keep installation costs low and makes maintenance quick and easy.

Pressure-generating fire suppression systems

Specialized aerosol fire protection systems with powder or water

We offer two types of pressure generating aerosol fire protection systems: powder and water modules. The powder units contain ABC powder. The water units liquids with potassium salts. In both units, which contain powder or water, there is an aerosol generator. When the generator is activated, pressure builds up to spray water mist or powder onto the desired area of ​​fire fighting.

Our pressure-generating aerosol fire protection systems are suitable for open spaces (e.g. petrol stations or oil platforms). The water or powder aerosol serves as a blanket to prevent the fire from reigniting.

Our pressure generation systems are also available in a dozen different sizes. Our smallest unit delivers an extinguishing capacity of 300 grams up to 100 kg for our largest pressure generating unit. Units can be combined in existing or new fire protection systems to deliver endless fire extinguishing performance.

Our ABC extinguishing powder intervenes directly in the combustion process by interrupting the radical reaction chains running in the flame by means of a so-called wall reaction on the surface of the very fine powder particles (inhibitory or anti-catalytic effect). This enables sudden success. In the case of fires with embers, ABC powders are also chemically disturbed during the charring process. This creates a fast insulation layer that prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the fire material. This creates an embroidery effect.

Our aerosol fire extinguishers are recognized by Europe’s number one for fire protection.

Advantage of our Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

  • The most effective fire protection technology
  • No oxygen displacement
  • Space-saving installation
  • Low cost
  • Suitable to extend or replace existing systems
  • Extremely reliable
  • 100% Environmentally-friendly
  • Suitable for fire classes A, B, C & F
  • No pressure
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for protecting lithium-ion batteries
  • Strong, compact, lightweight and durable components
  • Up to 20 years lifecycle
  • VdS certified

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