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Aerosol extinguishing systems & fire protection

Swiss Aerosol Technologies GmbH stands for safety, quality and innovation. Our company philosophy is: Higher security at lower costs. We look forward to working with you in new and innovative ways in fire protection.

Our range of certified aerosol extinguishing systems offers numerous opportunities to improve, expand or make your fire protection significantly cheaper.

We offer solutions for almost every problem in preventive fire protection. With a lot of commitment we create innovations and product optimizations and thus set new standards in system fire protection.

Our aerosol fire extinguishers are recognized by Europe’s number one for fire protection.

Our Aerosol Generators

Our aerosol generators are all designed according to the same principle: The entire extinguishing medium is installed in a stable housing in the form of a solid. Usually, these housings are made of steel, which makes our fire extinguishers very resistant to external influences and allows them to be used in practically any environment. Due to the use of an extremely effective solid as an extinguishing agent, these aerosol generators are not under pressure. An external supply of the extinguishing agent is not necessary, the aerosol generating solid is completely contained in the generator. Only an electrical signal or an ignition cable is required for activation. Therefore our aerosol generators are extremely economical and easy to maintain. They can also be operated completely independently without a power supply. After activation of the solid, it burns off in a controlled manner, thereby generating the extinguishing aerosol. This happens within a few seconds. The activation can be done in various ways: Electrically, through a currentless ignition cable or manually.

Die Vorteile unseres Aerosol-Löschsystems

The advantages of aerosol extinguishing systems

Our aerosol fire protection systems offer many advantages. Our innovative systems can be used for many different applications. The systems are inexpensive, require little maintenance, and protect against a variety of fires, including re-ignition.

Learn more about the advantages of aerosol over CO2 extinguishing systems.

  • The most effective fire protection systems

  • No oxygen displacement

  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for fire classes A, B, C & F.

  • Low cost

  • Space-saving installation

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Sustainable technology – up to 20 years lifetime

  • Professional installation and service team

  • Suitable for protecting lithium-ion batteries

  • VdS certified


Aerosol extinguishing systems are suitable for a variety of applications. As an inexpensive and easy to retrofit alternative to gas extinguishing or sprinkler systems. Or as an innovative extinguishing system for applications for which an optimal solution cannot be created with conventional extinguishing agents.

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Sustainable technology

Long life, easy installation, reliable and environmentally friendly

In contrast to other extinguishing techniques, aerosol fire extinguishing systems are 100% environmentally friendly. The extinguishing agent consists largely of natural components of the ambient air, so that the extinguishing process is absolutely environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals.